Friday, April 19, 2013

Shoy Schot! nui (Version 3) Beta

          If you would like to participate in the Shoy Schot! nui (Version 3) Beta please follow the links below. I'm still not sure if Version 3 will ever see the light of day--whether in this form or a 3D one; but I've been tinkering with the code and I made this pretty new logo, so what the hell.

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Download Shoy Schot! nui Beta Version 1
The password is: nuitesters

  • New Icon/Logo
  • Non-shared Accomplishments Between Profiles
  • Non-shared Settings Between Profiles
  • Improvements In Entire Menu System
    • Menus Slighty Redesigned
  • New Mini Game Added: Clementine (Alpha State)
    • Located In The BluMatch Arcade
  • World Tour Mode Moved To #1 Spot
    • Renamed World Tour
    • Arizona and Ohio Rule Sets Have Switched Places
  • Best Of... Mode Moved To #2 Spot
    • Renamed Two Out Of Three
    • Can Now Do Best Of Up To 19 Matches
    • Option To Make Draws Count For The 4x4 Game Board
  • Added The BluMatch Arcade
    • Unlimited Deck Mode Moved Here
      • Renamed Free Play
    • Virtual Gaia Games Matching! Moved Here
  • Added Placeholders For
    • Endless Tower (Survival Mode)
    • Tutorial Mode
    • Score Attack
    • Arcade Challenges
    • Build A Custom Rule Set
  • Tournament Mode Remembers Which Profile Started The Tournament
  • Rank Calculation For Draws Back To Original .25
  • Started Reduction In Redundancies In Code
  • Added Deck Refill (Benefit For Future Content)
  • Updated Error Handling System
    • Added A system To Log Methods Accessed

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Video Demos Of What I've Been Working On Lately

I needed a picture for this post: Ticker Tape

          These video demo of the Unity3D project I've been working on off and on and the new text-based card game, Clementine, I started making a few days ago.

          If anyone wants to be a beta-tester for Clementine let me know. If will be much appreciated.

Disclaimer: Most of the assets in the Unity3D project where pre-built--with the bulk of the level being already laid out. Clementine is not a stand-alone release, but a new mini game bundled in a new version of Shoy Schot!, a version that probably won't see a release.

My Unity3D Tutorial Project

New Text-Based Card Game: Clementine