Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition Version 2 Press Release

          Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition (SAE), the addictive card game, is back! And very much improved with Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition v2! Version 2.

          Shoy Schot! is an console-based strategic card game I created in C#. The objective of a match is to own the most panels by the end of the match. The game was originally a minigame on another game I created before I started to add a ton of features to it. It grew to become bigger than the game it was attached to, so I decided to make a stand-alone version of it back in September.

          Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition is divided up into four main sections: The Unlimited Deck Mode, which allows a player to play against another player or CPU in customizable matches that use the Unlimited Deck (more like arcade play). The World Tour Mode, which is a more serious mode but have a ton of customization options. Best Of... Mode, where a player can play consecutive matches against another player or CPU. Lastly, Tournament Mode, which players can enter a series of matches against 2, 3, or 4 of their friends to see who is the best.

          Most modes allows players to customized some of the settings before entering a match. They include: Change the game grid to a 3x3 board (allowing for quicker matches), 4x4 board (allowing for more competitive and fair matches), or 5x5 board (allowing for longer matches). Changing who will go first. The hand rules in play, meaning do players what to use a full deck or only low valued card, etc. And a few other settings. There are Over 500 Different Ways to Play—find your favorite!

          Some of the new features to Version 2 include improvements and tweaks to the different AI player to provide a higher and fairer challenge. The Version 2 Game Deck which adds 4 more card type to the game increasing the total to 15 different card type from the original 11 (and increasing total cards from 110 to 150). Players can choose to switch between the Version 1 (Classica) and Version 2 Game Deck in the Options Menu. The ability to have up to four different profiles for multiple people using the same game. The different profiles will keep track that profiles stats independent from another profiles stats. Also, Version records 80 different stats so players keep track important stuff from number of wins and losses to less important stat such as the number of times played on the 4x4 board. There is even a way not to keep track of stats now (with a indicator to let players know). 8 more accomplishments (Shoy Schot’s trophy/achievement system) have been added to the game bring the total number of accomplishments to 22! Lastly, a ton of minor fixes, tweaks, and additions have been made to the game to make the whole experience more fun, user friendly, and streamlined.

          I hope you all enjoy the game. Please feel free to give feedback or make comments. Check out the full feature list below:
  • Version 2 Game Deck
    • Adds 4 New Card Types
    • Switch between Version 1 and 2 Game Decks
  • Create up to 4 Profiles
    • Keep Stats of up to 4 different Players
    • Use Guest Mode to not track Stats
  • Keep track of 80 different stats
    • Including Playtime
  • Match Time
  • Improved AI
  • 8 New Accomplishments
  • Cleaner Interface
  • More Streamlined Experience
  • Overall Game Balancing
  • Tweaked Rank Calculation
  • More Extras
  • Fixed Chain Reaction Error
  • Fixed CPU vs. CPU glitch
  • Fixed Rank Title Error
  • A Ton of Minor Fixes and Additions

DownloadShoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition Version Here

          There were going to be several 50 second trailers to coincide with the Version 2, but computer issues prevented that. In lieu of trailer I give you screenshots, concepts for the new icon, and some would be trailer screens after the jump.