Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Unity Terrain Demo

          Graphics!!! I found a great site ( for Unity and other tutorials and started one on terrain. I been really curious about that feature since I saw a great video on it a week ago. Terrain is a really powerful feature in Unity. Here are some screen of the demo terrain I've been working today. Nothing special, just learning the ropes. Hit the jump for more pictures.

UPDATE 1 (2/22/13): Added more pictures of later progress, though most of the newly added stuff I deleted. I'm following the tutorial and don't want to go ahead and save stuff they will go into later.

UPDATE 2: Videos added.

UPDATE 3 (2/23/13): More pictures. Massive flooding.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Virtual Gaia Network Is Going On Break

          Virtual Gaia Network is going on hiatus for awhile, while I catch up on school. Best Quotes of the Week will be up this Sunday, but won't return until the hiatus is over. Elevator Music's next Update will not go up this month. I'm sorry, guys, but I am really stretched thin right now. It's doesn't mean all that stuff is done or that a post won't find its way to the site, but I really need to focus on school right now. Also, there are a few other things I want to try and learn, but can't do them while I'm doing 50 other miscellaneous things. Anyway, hopefully it won't be long. Bye for now.