Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stress Tests And Completed Tutorials

          Today I performed a stress test on Shoy Schot! after it repeatedly crashed on me when testing Endless Tower Mode. You can watch the video of a small piece of the test below. Other than that, I've more committedly been working on Shoy Schot! nui and yesterday I revamped the way the Unlimited Deck Builder creates its deck and makes the Players' hand. I've previously done this for the Standard Deck Builder (Builder used for all modes except the Unlimited Deck Mode), Match Setup, and the Menu System (previously, the most inefficient system in the game). In a nutshell, it means: less code, easier to make changes and add in new content, and more efficient. None of these change were in Version as the code change after I finished that release months ago (it had a delayed release).

          I also, finish the Unity3D tutorial I was working on. The video is below.

Disclaimer: Most of the assets in the Unity3D project where pre-built--with the bulk of the level being already laid out.

Shoy Schot! nui Stress Test

Addendum to video: After being played at extremely high speed for 600-800 matches straight the game finally crashed. That means the Player and I have nothing to worry about. The stress test was successful and fun.

My Completed Lerpz Unity3D Tutorial