Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition Press Release

          The Ultimate Edition of Shoy Schot! is now live! Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition (SAE) is the complete game from Still Here After Wednesday Night plus some extras. Not only that but anyone with system data from Still Here After Wednesday Night can back up their system data from that game and retrieve it in Shoy Schot! SAE. It will only take data pertaining to Shoy Schot! Below is the features list:

  • Clean Interface
  • 3 Different CPU Players
  • 3 Game Boards
  • 2 Types of Decks
  • Many Customizable Free Play Modes
  • Best Of... Mode
  • 2 Types of CPU vs. CPU Modes
  • (Robust) Tournament Mode
  • Accomplishments
  • Stats
  • Check For Updates
  • Back-up System Data
  • Nice Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition Icon
  • Extras

          With the release of the Shoy Schot! SAE the version of the game inside Still Here After Wednesday Night will no longer be supported. Only Shoy Schot! SAE will be updated and supported.

Download: Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition Version Here

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