Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fun With 3ds Max

          During my Christmas break I'm going to be working on learning my way around Unity3d and 3ds Max. I've got some tutorials and books and I'm going to build a property foundation for both these tools. I jumped into 3ds Max today while studying from my Finals. I did the first first tutorial and then started to play around with the software building buildings. 3ds Max is really fun and easy to use. Check out my buildings after the jump. Also a video of my tutorial scene.

UPDATE 1 (12/9/12): Added Video for Building 2 and increased size of videos.
UPDATE 2: Added Better Quality Videos.

Strange Blue

Some Building (Building 1)
          I screwed up the lighting and couldn't fix it. The first one is the fixed version and the two below it are from when I first messed it up.

(The Evolution of) Building 2
          I tries my hand at it again to some very good results. The thing sticking out is a connecting bridge to another building. As you can see in the last two images I use the magic of cropping to hide the lack of another building. I'm rendering a video for this building too, but I somehow manage to make a simple 6 second clip of a simple building take 4 hours to complete.

My First Complete Tutorial
          This tutorial mainly had me learning how to move around 3ds Max. The only object I fully modeled was the rock. I modified the rest, added texture, allied simple animation, and rendered it.

My First Building Video

My Second Building Video
          This took 3 hours to render? It's 6 seconds and 6 megabytes. High quality, though. The video give a complete view of Building 2.

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