Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Unity Terrain Demo

          Graphics!!! I found a great site ( for Unity and other tutorials and started one on terrain. I been really curious about that feature since I saw a great video on it a week ago. Terrain is a really powerful feature in Unity. Here are some screen of the demo terrain I've been working today. Nothing special, just learning the ropes. Hit the jump for more pictures.

UPDATE 1 (2/22/13): Added more pictures of later progress, though most of the newly added stuff I deleted. I'm following the tutorial and don't want to go ahead and save stuff they will go into later.

UPDATE 2: Videos added.

UPDATE 3 (2/23/13): More pictures. Massive flooding.

I had to show an image  like this: falling through the world.

The Videos

Demo 1

Demo 2

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