Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shoy Schot! nui [DEMO VERSION] Is Now Live

          Today Players will be able to experience a nice sample of what Shoy Schot! nui has to offer in this DEMO VERSION of the game!

          The Demo Version of the game will allow Players to play in World Tour, Endless Tower [Standard Mode], Score Attack, Arcade Challenges (Level One), Tournament Mode, half of Tutorial Mode, and the Alpha State version of Clementine. Everything else will be closed off including, but not limited to: Loading and Saving the game, Custom Rule Sets, Stat Pages, Profiles, and other features.

          I hope you all enjoy the Demo! Look forward to the FULL RELEASE in December! And if you haven't seen our Official Facebook Group: Click Here.

Download Shoy Schot! nui [DEMO VERSION]: Here
PC only

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