Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Still Here After Wednesday Night Update Inbound!

          Version adds two amazing features to the game! [Updates after the jump: Last Updated (7/12/12)]
Click Me. I Grow.

          The first is: Virtual Gaia Games Matching! Minigame!
          A full on separate gaming experience including 4 game modes. It's an addicting Match 2 game of Points and Luck. Aim for the Hi-Score.

          The second is: the ability to Back-up/Retrieve System Data!
          This means when a future update rolls around you don’t have to lose your hard earned Accomplishments or Configs! Now you’ll be able to simply back your System Data up on your computer or flash drive and load it up on the new version. It can even be used to as a way to play on different computers. Want to show your friends your Accomplishments or Hi-Scores in Matching! simply make a Back-up of your System Data and load it on their computer.

          And always the standard minor fixes and additions including Quick Save (Sav##) fixes spelling error corrections.

          Expect this update shortly!

UPDATE 1 (6/28/12): I've decided to TRY to add more modes to Matching! 7 to be exact. I'm crazy (To give you a sense of what I mean--It's like coding Matching! from scratch twice). Also, I found more errors and fixed them. Expect the update shortly, but not as shortly as I had originally intended.

UPDATE 2 (6/29/12): 4 of the 7 are now (mostly) up. They're playable, but I want to add one more little  touch before I go on to the last three. Here's a picture of what I'm doing (Menus take forever but they look really nice).

UPDATE 3 (7/3/12): I finished coding all the modes about an hour ago; I just need to check to make sure there are no errors and some final tweaks (+ something extra). This minigame is no longer a minigame, but a full separate game within a game. It's, currently, 1/3 the size of 'Still Here...'!

UPDATE 4 (7/4/12): Day 14, The 2 Week Mark, of my work on this update. I finished checking, coding the 7 new mode, and added in all the extra features to Matching! today. It's done and very playable. I just need to rewrite the 'How to Play' section, as what I originally had simply won't do anymore.
          After that, I need to check through the Main Game again for anymore more errors or problems and then, after that, there's just one more thing I what to TRY to do. What is it? That's classified.
Mode 7... That's 7 new modes

UPDATE 5 (7/8/12): This update has gotten so big. Remember when I said soon? Well it should be too far off now, and it will be worth the extra wait. It's packed so full of playable goodness! Right now I'm finishing up the last feature and I have to check everything and write the rules. I'm pushing for next Monday (7/16/12).
          And just so you'll know, my original vision of this update (just little fixes) was never fully complete before I expanded it and started working on my second version of the update. That version was completed on 6/27/12; I just had to do a final check.

UPDATE 6 (7/10/12): O.K., I'm done with all the extra feature and everything I'm adding in this update. I just need to write the rules (boring, but very necessary) and check everything over for any lingering issues.

UPDATE 7 (7/12/12): I just finished writing up all the rules and putting them into the game. Now the only thing I have left to do is a final check for any more problems and I'll release it. 3 amazing weeks, man!

UPDATE 8 (7/12/12): Finally!!!!! It is finished! You can find the formal press release here.

UPDATE 9 (7/13/12): Production Log for Update Here

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