Thursday, July 12, 2012

Still Here After Wednesday Night Update Now Live

          Version is a huge update for Still Here After Wednesday Night. It adds two major features and well as a slew of additions and fixes.

          The first of the major features and most visible is The Little Sheep Arcade. The Little Sheep Arcade houses the fully featured Virtual Gaia Games Matching! minigame and maybe even more(?). The additional of the Little Sheep Arcade now only bring with it an entirely new and different gaming experience from the main game but also increases the overall playable content of the game by over 65%! And that's taking into account the Main Game + the unlockable Epilogue (which you should play)!

          The second major feature to the update is the Ability to Back-up and Retrieve System Data. This feature can be found under the options menu. What this means is that when a future update rolls around you no longer have to sacrifice your hard earned Accomplishments or reset you configurations over again. Now when a new update comes, all you have to do is go to this option, back-up your system somewhere, install the new update, and retrieve your old system data from the new version of the game. This feature can also be used to set this game up on different computer. No need to unlock things you've already unlocked.

          Finally, and like always, there been fixes to small issues, such as grammar/spelling errors, a minor fix to the cheatcode input, and a fix to the quicksave (Sav##)  error at the end of the Epilogue (seriously, play it--it's not that hard to unlock).

          Have fun with this new update (which become about 1000 times bigger than it was suppose to be). Still Here After Wednesday Night Version can be found here. Or below:

UPDATE 1 (7/13/12): Reuploaded the files. I had to make a quick fix.

UPDATE 2 (7/13/12): Production Log for Update Here

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